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Finally, a vegetarian food your cat can thrive on!

Ovo-Vegetarian Cat Food Developed by Vets

✓ Cruelty-Free Process

✓ Cat-Appropriate Nutrients

✓ Tasty and Easy to Serve

Healthy Food for Healthy Cats

With three cat-appropriate nourishments that your kitty needs to thrive on an ovo-vegetarian diet:

Properly Cooked Eggs

  • A super food for cats
  • Promotes good muscle tone

With taurine, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 it helps with:

  • Heart health support
  • Healthier skin
  • Shinier coat and fur
  • Less shedding
  • Better bone and joint health

Plant-Based Prebiotic

Prebiotic feed your cat’s good gut bacteria and improves digestion.

Which helps your cat:

  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Healthier digestion
  • A Happier cat!

Wet Cat Food

  • Gives your cat's diet a lot of moisture
  • More appealing to picky eaters

This prevents dehydration and:

  • Prevents the slowing of blood flow
  • Prevents serious electrolyte disturbances

Filled with nutrients recommended by:

Do you cringe every time you feed your cat meat?

Well, you’re not alone.

According to a study published by PLoS One, 4 out of 10 pet owners are troubled about animal welfare from meat-based pet foods. This includes non-vegetarian pet owners.

And why wouldn’t we be?

The bulk of meats are from industrial farms where billions of animals endure short, miserable lives.

Imagine being in a factory farm for a second.

  • Animals crammed together in crates or cages…
  • Being mutilated so they don’t hurt others...
  • And the only time they see the sun is during their trip to the slaughterhouse…

Never do they get to experience even the slightest gesture of compassion.

You wouldn’t force your pets to live this way, right?

That’s why we shouldn’t force farm animals to endure such life either.

Especially if there are other cruelty-free diet choices our cats can thrive on.

“But cats are carnivores… they cant survive without meat!”

Its true, cats thrive on proteins and need twice as much compared to dogs and humans.

And without a human friend to feed them, they would need to hunt to fulfill their nutritional needs.

In the wild, cats are compelled to be carnivores because of their dietary needs. Meat would be their only source of protein to survive.

Your feline companion, on the other hand, isn’t built for that kind of life. They have options. And they rely on you to make the right choices for their diet.

Now we have the technology to supply the same nutrients your cat gets from meat. So you can choose a compassionate and sustainable vegetarian diet you and your cat would love.

Dr. Armaiti May, a highly qualified veterinarian and nutrition expert, said it best in her recent interview:

“It's a common misconception that some people have....

Thinking that dogs and cats require meat or animal products to meet their nutritional needs.

In actual fact, they can meet their nutritional requirement with plant, mineral, and synthetic sources. They don't have to get those nutrients from animal sources.”

Your cats thrive on the right nutrients, not on specific ingredients!

While cats can’t eat vegetables alone, they can have a balanced ovo-vegetarian diet.

Meaning nutrients taken from vegetables added with properly cooked organic eggs.

You see, your cat’s food doesn’t need to be ingredient specific (i.e. meat only). It just has to be nutrient appropriate for your cat.

In fact, if you read FEDIAF's nutrient guide for cats and dogs, it doesn't say anywhere that cats are only allowed meat.

It does, however, mention that you can get a cat’s nutritional requirements from either animal OR VEGETABLE origin.

Yes, the same nutrients found in meat can be found in vegetables and eggs.

GAPFA said it themselves:

Proteins in pet food [for dogs and cats] can come from various different ingredients, both from animal and vegetable. ~ GAPFA

And a study by the Journal of Nutrition shows that as long as a cat's requirement for protein is met, they can adapt to different protein and carbohydrate sources.

So if you use eggs to fulfil their protein needs, your cat will thrive on a vegetarian diet.

And this is one of the many inspirations in creating Vegicat Original.

A true vegetarian option without animal cruelty

We believe that pet food production should be cruelty-free and promotes the welfare of all living creatures.

And this belief is what led us to look for a true vegetarian option for our feline friends.

That’s why we've collaborated with top veterinary nutritionists to develop a true vegetarian option for our cats - without any form of animal cruelty.

And after spending a considerable amount of research, time, and money, we’ve developed Vegicat Original.

Introducing Vegicat Original

You and your cat are in for a treat!

To give your cat a cruelty-free diet that also provides the nutrition it needs to live a longer, healthier and happier life...

Vegicat Original uses a formula that combines properly cooked organic eggs and cat-appropriate vegetarian nutrients.

It’s packaged in pouches to allow the quality of wet food ingredients to retain their nutritional content. Which makes it simple to prepare and healthier for your feline friend.

There are no nasty meat by-products, and no animal cruelty involved, just a natural mix of tasty vegetarian goodies and organic eggs made for you kitty.

  • High-Quality egg delivered from the same free-range farm we humans enjoy
  • High-amount of nutrient-rich proteins that cats love
  • Right levels of taurine, vitamin D, and omega 3 to support brain and body health
  • Contains veggies and foods that are prebiotics, giving your cat's good gut bacteria what it craves to support better digestion
  • Rich vitamin and mineral profile for your cat's optimal diet

Not sure if Vegicat Original is for your cat?

No worries! You can try our starter pack containing 2 days worth of Vegicat Original meal to see if your cat likes it.

Just click the button below and feed your cat a true vegetarian meal it can enjoy every day.